Gumtree WTF Wednesdays

02 Feb

Strong guy looking for work. And looking at you!

resume writer wanted

I need a detailed CV good enough to land a marketing/communications role at a university.
I want it to be fairly comprehensive thus I do not need to write a completely separate selection criteria response for each job.
please advise how you can assist and what are the costs?

If you want to get into marketing / comms Daniel from Elsternwick, your whole job will be writing things. Clearly, succinctly and convincingly. Much like a CV.

Any age, have coffee staff working experience in coffee shop. The wage depend on your interview in my shop. If you interested in the job, please send your resume to the following e-mail address or contact Lee who is the manager of the shop.
Actually it depends on the award rates, you evil proprietor with your ominous sounding interview.

If you need to score good marks in your Assignments, do not wait..

Pick your phone and call Karl on 0413541880 or email

If you score less than 70% marks we refund 50% of your money back..

I like those odds. However, the grasp of English displayed here hasn’t given me much hope for my post-structuralist analysis of the C18th romantic poets essay. At least I’ll get 50% of money back. And an expulsion for academic misconduct.

IMAGINEERING sessions available

So what is Imagineering? Imagineering is a portmanteau word combining “imagination” and “engineering”. Imagineering is letting your imagination soar to the highest of possibilities, and then engineering it down to earth, taking action.

What’s a portmanteau?

Wanted: Large cardboard box – e.g. washing machine box

Hi there!

I am  a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and am looking for a large cardboard box that I can use to place over the top of an electric wheelchair to disguise what it is. A box around the size of a washing machine box would be perfect.

Looks like someone has done that imagineering course. And gone onto post-grad no less.

Over and out.

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