Love Steve Coogan, detest “Top Gear”. Also adventures at Laneway

06 Feb


Top Gear, the 1992 Super Nintendo game on the other hand. That I love.

SUCH a great soundtrack. still sing the song at 4:13 to myself in the shower. quite guttural. like a dirty Frenchman.

in other news, I did the gate at Laneway festival. Hung out with Chris, Lou and Sam afterwards and got drunk in the VIP section, which no queue at the bar. pretty great. visited me Jenny occasional, who was working in the Taco stand (12 hours straight, hard core door to etc).

None of the bands that i managed to see interested me, though the half a song by Blonde Redhead was pretty great. Saw the lead singer backstage afterwards looking exhausted. they had played the night before in Brisbane and were heading to Sydney the next day. those touring festivals must cane you. sad I missed beach house, holy fuck and cloud control, but happy I got paid to be there.

the hirstute and caveman like lead singer of les savy fav came into the toilet while I was doing a wee and announced “I’m going to drop a bomb”. after a few seconds of silence I replied, “bombs away”. my brush with celebrity over, and no lines of cocaine from dwarves heads involved dammit.

a man got pulled up for peeing on the wall, he whipped around peeing everywhere before stuffing his cock back in his pants. still peeing.


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