Gumtree WTF Wednesdays #4: Gold Coast Edition!

23 Feb

This man will teach your kids good and help you win the war on computer games. He also has incongruous pictures of planes on his advert.

Though i’m pretty excited about all the things you can get for a dollar on Melbourne Gumtree this week (such as earplugs, second-hand dvd cases and washing machine hose u-clamps), I thought it time to take a trip further North.

Wanted: Jon

i hav computer problem ,txt 0449145740 i am in labrador

I think your biggest problem (apart from wanting yourself) is that you are in a labrador.

Internet Marketing business discussion group

If you are trying really hard to make money online but you feel overwhelmed with so much to do and you get frustrated that sometimes people don’t show the way to do things online without skipping steps, Please contact me, I think you are going to be great in our group

I AM REALLY SERIOUS about that. The Goal is to have a good (small) discussing group where each participant can improve skills as a result of it has a profit coming online.

Please just serious people

I think he’s serious.

This man is organising a protest in Carlton Gardens this weekend i've heard

Web Diesigner

My Competition would like to Lead you to believe that a “Cheap” Website would be $300-00 for a small functioning website and around $800-00 for a Big business website and don’t forget there hidden fee’s of $10 for domain name and $20 per month for hosting.

I do custom Website plans, with NO HIDDEN FEE’s.

Correct spelling and punctuation optional. I think I can see what happens when you skip steps and aren’t serious. Being serious is the way to go. Everything is serious, even going to a cafe. Serious business:

Varsity Lakes Robbery Warning. Free Advice.

Not the sort of thing that makes headlines in the Bulletin, but it’s right up there with Graffiti and Looting.

Down at the Lake Café & Bar at Varsity Lakes Market Square the waiting staff on the coffee counter are regularly short changing customers.

I was robbed of A$5 this morning and so was the customer after me. It seems to be a scam reserved for take away customers. But that doesn’t’ make it any less disgusting. I was victim of a young blond girl and there was a young gentleman there too, who was to close not to have noticed what was happening. So I can only assume he’s knowingly let it happen.

Rob (verb): take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force.

Loot (verb): steal goods from (a place), typically during a war or riot.

Graffiti (plural noun): Awesome.


Do you want a new career?

Do you want part time or fulltime hours with flexibiity?

If your boss said they would give you $100 per hour would you stay?

Do you have your own transport?

Do you love feeling special and wanting to make other women feel special?

Or has your boss given you a diamond ring?


You have bamboozled me with questions! Haven’t you?




If you are one of many who like to consume Energy Drinks, why not earn at the same time!

We are looking for motivated, goal orientated, peoples persons
to join our awesome team and unique business!

Please contact Kim to arrange a time to discuss further

Oh whatever could this be? I’ve been trying to make money out my solid and liquid ingestion for years – looks like Kim has cracked it people! This is bigger than teaching monkeys how to be waiters.




It’s not the ALL-CAPS that disturbs me the most about these babysitters (found one after the other) it’s the bizarre trend of posting a picture of themselves with their rapey-looking boyfriends. It seems like the most blatant advertisement that they’re going to invite these leery gents over for sexy times as soon as you head off to see Cats.
You could always get this guy onto them, he could pretend to be a child:

Wanted: private eye

Wana know what your wife or husband up too, or need someone to go undercover at your work,

i charge $75 an hour, plus exspenses. can negoiate price if over 6hours work.

Gaurenteed to get you the evidence you want.

It’s the going “undercover at your work” bit that intrigues me the most. Sounds like a premise for a delightfully silly romp.

See you next week. Yes I can see out of my computer into your computer. Take that ridiculous hat off.

"Rat Mats (Mouse Pads with Attitude) is our Mouse Mat division (Patented NON slip coating on back)"

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