Top 10 Japanese ads: Epilogue

10 Mar

I recently compiled a Top 10 Japanese ads for The Vine (and woohoo it just hit 10,000 views).

Due to a conspiracy involving the numeral 10 I was unable to fit every fantastic J-Ad onto it. Luckily my blog is able to soak up the overflow. Numbers do not control what happens over here, believe me. Unless you count the binary that makes the internet and WordPress spin like a hamster in a wheel. But I stopped counting at 10.

Release the ads!

1 Sedate those kids

2 The only thing better that Zelda is rapping. Zelda.

3 This is Korean. So i’ve cheated.

4 Busy-ness Maan!

4.5 This is about every element of japanese culture in 2 minutes

5 That is one happy monkey…I want a walkman

6 Computer games are good for you. The debate is over.

7 I never realised Arnold S could act!

8 Doing our best

9 Tarako…there are a lot of these

10 Here’s another…

11 And another…

12 Apparently they are saying “human’s smell”. Those animals are insanely well dressed animals.

13 More of the above. I’m in love.

13.5 Very, very addictive

and i love this fan effort

14 So many stereotypes, so little time.

15 Fun!

16 Supreme?

17 I love this dog. He solves problems with Chips

18 Murakami + Louis Vuitton =kind of tedious, kind of amazing

19 Lets finish with a whole bunch of softbank dog ads.

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