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3 Obnoxious Scottish People Dieing

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s9 of the Perpetuities and Accumulations Act 1968

(1) Where a disposition is limited by reference to the attainment by any person or persons of a specified age exceeding twenty-one years and it is apparent at the time the disposition is made or becomes apparent at a subsequent time-

(a)  that the disposition would apart from this section be void for remoteness; but

(b)  that it would not be so void if the specified age had been twenty-one years-

the disposition shall be treated for all purposes as if instead of being limited by reference to the age in fact specified it had been limited by reference to the age nearest to that age which would if specified instead, have prevented the disposition from being so void.

(2) Where in the case of any disposition different ages exceeding twenty-one years are specified in relation to different persons-

(a)  the reference in paragraph (b) of subsection (1) to the specified age shall be construed as a reference to all the specified ages; and

(b)  that subsection shall operate to reduce each such age so far as is necessary to save the disposition from being void for remoteness.

(3) Where the inclusion of any persons being potential members of a class or unborn persons who at birth would become members or potential members of the class prevents the foregoing provisions of this section from operating to save a disposition from being void for remoteness those persons shall thenceforth be deemed for all the purposes of the disposition to be excluded from the class and the said provisions shall thereupon have effect accordingly.

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An Island: Public/Private Screening thingy

This is a cool idea for distribution. Make a beautiful music film. Release it over the internet for 2 months to people who host screenings with the following conditions:

  • The screenings need to have free entrance
  • The screenings need to be public.
  • The screenings need to have a minimum capacity of 5 people
  • The screenings need to be verified by Efterklang & Vincent Moon and only screenings that are featured on are official Private-Public Screening

And here’s a fascinating collection of nerds, hipsters, web-freaks and ordinary people at screenings all around the world: FLICKR.

Sadly the 2 months is up at the end of March, otherwise I would have organised a Melbourne event. Oh well, next time.

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By the time your read this…I’ll be at Golden Plains!

I’m excited about this (great lyrics):


and this

This one a little bit

of course these two from the clean.

Best coast will of course be great. This is my favourite song by them.


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OMG. The Watchmen gets a cartoon spin-off finally!

This looks great!

from Topless Robot

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This game looks incredible.

The acting of these computer people is getting so good. Go computer people.


LA Noire

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Hello world!

Welcome to Planet earth. This is your first meal. Edit or delete it and start digesting the livers of young children!

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