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Video Rumpus Room #4

Cat show cancelled!!?!

This ad severey traumatised me as a child

makes it all better

I find this video so refreshing. I think we would all be much  happier if pop stars and rappers sung about ordinary things. Warning this contains lots of swearing.

The funniest, limpest, half-backed propaganda you ever did see.


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Video Rumpus Room #3

See. Hipsters are good for something.

Slow is good.

A mash-up Edgar Wright (Director; Shaun of the dead, hot fuzz, Scott Pilgrim) did when he was 19. Very nice work

Shaun of the Dead vs Scott Pilgrim vs 60 seconds


Aussie sci-fi rocks! (via @dissolvedpet).

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Video Rumpus Room


Some videos on the internet that I have been enjoying

You know…for kids! (via Chirspandallen)

this kid knows what ails it.

This is apparently the loudest purring cat in the world. (via @tessa_c)


(via @chaslicc)

This guy seems like he’d be a good person to be friends with.

Yes please! (via Thus Bakes Zarathustra)

Tilt-shift Disney land.

Very impressive.

PTAAC at the Melb Intl Comedy festival 2011

Apparently this is real. But how can this really be real?

Got my vote!

They finally found a use for cute dogs.


ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. Take a tour around New York circa 1981, with Laurie Anderson soundtrack.

Great Job! (via @paulverhoeven)

This guy has been driving me a bit nuts with his smug lovelyness. This video makes it all better. 

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