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Video Rumpus Room


Some videos on the internet that I have been enjoying

You know…for kids! (via Chirspandallen)

this kid knows what ails it.

This is apparently the loudest purring cat in the world. (via @tessa_c)


(via @chaslicc)

This guy seems like he’d be a good person to be friends with.

Yes please! (via Thus Bakes Zarathustra)

Tilt-shift Disney land.

Very impressive.

PTAAC at the Melb Intl Comedy festival 2011

Apparently this is real. But how can this really be real?

Got my vote!

They finally found a use for cute dogs.


ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. Take a tour around New York circa 1981, with Laurie Anderson soundtrack.

Great Job! (via @paulverhoeven)

This guy has been driving me a bit nuts with his smug lovelyness. This video makes it all better. 

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Top 10 Japanese ads: Epilogue

I recently compiled a Top 10 Japanese ads for The Vine (and woohoo it just hit 10,000 views).

Due to a conspiracy involving the numeral 10 I was unable to fit every fantastic J-Ad onto it. Luckily my blog is able to soak up the overflow. Numbers do not control what happens over here, believe me. Unless you count the binary that makes the internet and WordPress spin like a hamster in a wheel. But I stopped counting at 10.

Release the ads!

1 Sedate those kids

2 The only thing better that Zelda is rapping. Zelda.

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Words can’t describe how much I love this kid.

Well they probably could, but not by this kid.

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Song of the day #3: Broken Social Scene

Today a giant comet didn’t hit earth. Again!

Todays song of the day…

Broken Social Scene!


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Who said Americans don’t know international geography?

Everything you wanted to know about England/Great Britain/ United Kingdom delivered with the verbal dexterity of the Old Spice Guy.

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